Measuring step by step

The shape analysis as well as the size distribution measurement of fibers and particles allow a prediction of the behaviour of the analysed material. This information improves quality control.

In many sectors (chemical, pharmaceutical, textile or in the wood industry) quality standards need to be achieved. The results of our measurement systems are displayed according to ISO 9276 and DIN 66161.

FibreShape, PowderShape and DiaShape are measurement systems to analyse size, shape and other parameters of fibers, particles or diamonds.

What is to consider to make sure that results are representative and reproducible? For each measurement the following steps must be taken into account:

  • Step 1: Take representative samples
  • Step 2: Disperse the material sufficiently
  • Step 3: Use the appropriate imaging settings. The images are generated by scanners or microscopes.
  • Step 4: Use the appropriate measurement conditions (quantitative image analysis)
  • Step 5: Choose evaluation according to the research question (for example distribution density)

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