DiaShape Scanner

In order to obtain the images of the industrial diamonds, natural diamonds, ABN (amorphous boron nitride) grit & CBN (cubic boron nitride) grit the DiaShape systems relie on a scanner with transmissive light units and a digital microscope also operated in transmissive light mode. The analysis, visualization and evaluation are done by the DiaShape software. The use of a scanner is crucial for success. They enable the measurement of the 4C – carat, cut, color and clarity. The measurement of many specimen in a single batch is a big advantage. Microscopes are employed when a higher resolution is required such as for the width measurement in the range of microns.

Reflecta ProScan 7200
Film scanner:
Model Name D
Measurement size range: 15μm to 1mm in grain size

Example: Analysis of YK-9 diamonds