DiaShape – carat, cut, clarity, color measurement

The most important particle properties for diamond powders and or metal powders are: chemical composition, flowing behaviour, apparent density and particle size distribution.

Flowing behaviour and apparent density can be checked relatively easy. In opposite, the determination of the chemical composition and of the particle size distribution is time intensive and complex. Therefore, often times the end-user has to trust the information given by the supplier or he gives the analysis to an independent institute.

DiaShape allows you to correctly measure size (~ carat), shape (~cut), color and transparency (~clarity). The DiaShape measurement system consist of  a computer, an appropriate high resolution scanner and the DiaShape software.

DiaShape is a quality control and characterization system for industrial and natural diamonds, ABN (amorphous boron nitride) and CBN (cubic boron nitride) grits.

Shape and size measurement with DiaShape

YK-9 diamonds, 40/50 Mesh
Report of grain size

An example of a measurement of micron powder can be found in the Diashape product sheet just below.

A convincing attribute of DiaShape is that the measurement values can be identified for every single object. Nevertheless you have the advantage to analyse a huge number of diamonds. To get to know more about the measurement conditions, measurement settings and the interactive reporting system read:

For more info contact us or have a look at the DiaShape publications.