FibreShape – know your fibers

The FibreShape systems are based on transmitted light scanners and digital microscopes, which are also operated in transmitted light mode. Analysis, visualisation and evaluation are carried out by the FibreShape software. A major advantage of working with scanners is that many fibres can be analysed in a single measurement. Microscopes are used when a higher resolution is required, such as for width measurement in the micrometre range.

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Hemp fibers

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Aramid fibers


Wool fibers


Flax fibers

Glass fibers

Cotton fibers

Fiber measurement

FibreShape describes your fibers’ size and shape. Not only length, fineness, curvature or rectangularity can be analysed but also the optical properties brightness, transparency and colours can be characterized.

With FibreShape the measured properties of your sample or of every single object can be verified.

The FibreShape system allows the measurement of fibre lengths, fibre widths, fibre course (longitudinal shape) and fibre cross-section (cross-sectional shape) as well as their statistical evaluation according to various methods in accordance with ISO 9276 (the parameter for the measurement of the fibre fineness or fibre width is called thickness according to ISO 9276). Optical properties such as colour can also be analysed with FibreShape and used for quality inspection. FibreShape CROSS is used to analyse the length of crossing stiff fibers as recycled carbon fibers or glass fibers.

FibreShape is used in different steps of fibre processing, e.g. for quality control of raw materials or cutting processes, for monitoring fibre processing or for predicting material properties.

FibreShape allows to process a large number of measurements in a short time and to provide good statistics. The reporting system is interactive (interactive reporting system) and allows the creation of the graphical representation and statistics.

Measurement output:

  • Statistics (fibre count, percentiles, mean and standard deviation (CV), median, length weighted/unweighted length distribution and others).
  • Graphical representation (e.g. length histogram)

The output of the reports is available as PDF or odt. The raw measurement data are available as csv files.

For more information contact us or have a look at the FibreShape publications or the different scanners.