FibreShape Scanners

In order to obtain the images of the fibers the FibreShape systems relie on scanners with transmissive light units and a digital microscope also operated in transmissive light mode. The analysis, visualization and evaluation are done by the FibreShape software. The use of scanners is crucial for success. They enable the characterization of advanced geometrical properties but at the same time support specimen of large sizes and the measurement of many specimen in a single batch. Microscopes are employed when a higher resolution is required such as for the width measurement in the range of microns.

Reflecta ProScan 7200
Film scanner:
Model Name D

Example: Analysis of recycled carbon fibers

FH scanner

A4 scanner with sample feeder:
Model Name FH

Example: Analysis of spruce wood fibers (for MDF)

Measurement size range scanners