About us

The IST AG is specialized in the characterization of shape and size of diamonds, fibres and particles. Our four main products DiaShape, FibreShape, PowderShape and FibreScanner are characterisation systems based on quantitative image analysis.

Our FibreShape test equipments allow to analyse the thickness, length and shape of technical and natural fibers. A wide range of materials can be analysed. To measure the length of recyced carbon fibers (rCF) the FibreShape S CROSS system is used with an inlay for petri dishes. The FibreShape PRO S system can be used to analyse the thickness of natural fibers like flax, hemp, jute and more. The FibreShape system combined with the Automatic Sample Feeder is in use to analyse the length and width of recycled glass fibers, wood chips, flax shives or hemp hurd. For the length analysis of long natural fibers of 2 to 40 cm we recommend the FibreScanner. The natural fibers are prepared in a comb bed and the length measurement takes place while the fibers are pulled to length with a gripper.

The measurement of the exact shape and distribution allows to improve the quality control and to predict the behaviour of the analyzed material. The quality control of raw materials is crucial in many different sectors like chemistry, pharmacy, textile industry, timber industry and many more.

As a family company we are interested to stay innovative and forward-looking. Together with our customers, our partners and our R & D team we work continuously on the improvement of our systems. We have been involved in many research projects and like to face new challenges with our partners and customers.

Together with our distributors the IST AG operates world wide. For further information please contact us.