Scanners for Size and Shape Testing

Knowing the properties of a raw material is the first step to create a high-quality product. The measurement systems FibreShape, DiaShape or PowderShape can be used for entrance control but also for controls as part of the processing chain.
In order to obtain the images our measurement systems FibreShape, DiaShape and PowderShape relie on scanners with transmissive light units. The use of scanners is crucial for its success. They enable the characterization of advanced geometrical properties but at the same time support specimen of large sizes and the measurement of many specimen in a single batch. Microscopes are employed when a higher resolution is required such as for the width measurement in the range of microns.

The FibreScanner has an inverse approach of the imaging process. The fibers of a length of 1cm- 40cm are stretched in a comb bed and then moved over a line sensor. Combined with an enhanced FibreShape system it measures the accurate length of the fibers in a few minutes.

Sampling inspection of purity or uniformity or the control of geometric characteristics help to improve later process steps. Knowing the properties of a raw material or during different process steps allows to detect regularities or irregularities. The advantage of our measurement systems is the support of a wide size range and the ability to measure hundreds to thousands of objects with a single batch for statistically significant results.

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