glass fibers

New website is online

Did you know dry sample preparation works very well for the analysis of glass fibers ? On the new website of our distributor additional information about FibreShape is available.

Step by step to your results. Sample preparation is one step of the fiber analysis. Fiber separation can be performed in dry condition or in liquid. It is important to know that the contrast between glass fibers and air is larger than that of glass fibers and water. The refractive index has to be considered. Glass fibers with an index of 1.4 are so close to the index of water with 1.3 that the contrast is not given and the fibers kind of disappear.

Contact us if you are interested to get to know more about the analysis of glass fibers.


Version 6.2.3 available for our customers.


No offline events planned at the moment. Contact us for an online demo to see and understand for example the length analysis of typically 10’000 of recycled carbon fibers in a few minutes with FibreShape.


It was a great experience to be part of the Swiss Innovation Challenge 2020. Thanks to all our research partners for their support. We are looking forward to continue our work on the FibreScanner.

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